Physical Punishment Essay

Topics: Corporal punishment, Term, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Physical Punishment (including smacking) should be permitted because it is an effective form of correction of children. Do you agree?

On the other hand, there are arguments suggesting that corporal punishment such as smacking cause adverse and detrimental physical and mental harm to children. A study done by Smith Et Al (2004) reported a number of negative developmental consequences for children who had experienced corporal punishment. These include anti – social behavior; poor academic achievement; poor attachment / relationship issues or mental health issues. Similarly, Gershoff E in an 892-page document called “corporal punishment by parents and associated child behavior experiences. (2002)” Shows estimation of effect size and significance of corporal punishment and how long-term negative effects, overweigh its seemingly positive short term consequences.

In addition, there are better ways of maintaining good behavior in children because sometimes-corporal punishment doesn’t work. For example, providing the appropriate supervision, making rules (appropriate to the child’s age and age development), setting and enforcing boundaries or just firmly saying “no” is suggested to be a much better way of telling your kids what is right and wrong. Research has shown that corporal punishment on children is effective at achieving a short term/ immediate child response. Gershoff (2002) and Smith Et al. (2004) have argued that the benefits of the corporal punishment such as smacking do not cause cooperation in the long term. It finds the punishment fails to teach children about self – control and inductive reasoning. That children should avoid behavior that is punishable by force while not being in the adult’s prescience. Furthermore, the researches concluded that although a child was more likely to comply with parental demands immediately after being hit, he or she did not learn the desired good behavior and so the threat of further corporal punishment is necessary...
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