Physical Privacy Rights in the Workplace

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Physical Privacy rights in the workplace

As soon as you raise your right hand in the Military you lose many rights. Just to name a few; the right to wear your hair long; grow a beard and or a full mustache; the right to attend a political rally; the right to express your first amendment rights, and many others. There are some I agree with and some I don’t; never the less I support the military’s general reasoning. I support the right to privacy, and the military in most cases try to comply with the privacy of individuals.

One is drug testing. We are human and I understand that some folks have weaker will than others. I have witnessed good men and women in the military lose their careers over the use of drugs. I agree with drug testing and everyone in the military should be drug free. There are many factors in my reasoning. There is espionage. Some may do anything for drugs; even give up their Government’s secrets. Safety is another factor; weather they work with weapons or machines the risk level is much higher with someone who is impaired.

On another note I believe in the privacy of an individual that tests positive for drugs. The word always seems to get out to others. I agree that we can say to other Soldiers that an individual tested positive and will be dealt with legally, as a deterrent for others. But to have everyone know who the individual was and what drug they tested positive for is just wrong.

In the past they use to ask what medications are you currently taking? That is a private matter of the individual. If the Soldier tests positive for a controlled substance that happens to be prescribed medication, all the Soldier needs to do is provide proof. Now they do not ask that question anymore. So they have yielded to the right of privacy in that perspective. They still need to work on the privacy for the ones that come up positive.

There are many ongoing issues that spark controversy from time to time. Another...
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