Physical Limitation & Attitude Argumentative Essay

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” (Academy of Achievement). Inducted to the Olympic Hall of Fame in 1996, professional figure skater Scott Hamilton suffered a mysterious illness at the age of two that prevented him from growing. For the next six years, his adoptive family and himself were in and out of hospitals where he was misdiagnosed multiple times as to why he was not growing normally like other children. The reason behind his lack of growth was never determined and he was never diagnosed with a specific illness. When Hamilton was nine years old, he watched his sister figure skate and decided to try skating himself. Immediately Hamilton skated with natural confidence and speed. Soon after Hamilton began figure skating, he started growing again, and although he ended up always being smaller than his fellow male peers, he never let his disability or differences get in the way of his confidence and passion for figure skating. Scott Hamilton received much criticism for his size, for at five feet and three inches, it was not tall enough to make a decent career in the professional figure skating world. Hamilton defied the odds and ended up winning multiple national and international competitions for the next four years and won the gold medal in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo (Academy of Achievement). People like Scott Hamilton who would be considered different or disable by modern society, are usually people who become the world’s most inspirational and motivational figures, because of his or her self-determination, and self-belief that a disabled person can achieve any goal a non-disabled person can achieve with perseverance, faith, and optimism.

Having a “disability” does not necessarily mean that the individual with the disability will have a lower quality of life or with suffer from low self-esteem or confidence. Usually when a person falls victim of being different and suffers from a disability, he or she becomes one of the most unique and optimistic people on earth. Consider motivational speaker and preacher Nick Vujicic, who was born with no arms or legs. The illness Nick Vujicic suffered from is call Tetre-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder where all four limbs are missing (Horn). When Vujicic was first born, his parents were stunned to find out that they had given birth a limbless child. Dushka Vujicic, Nick Vujicic’s mother, had difficulty accepting her son’s abnormality, and it took her four months to finally be able to hold and carry her limbless baby. Vujicic’s father, who is a preacher, left the delivery room after Vujicic was born in order to vomit. Vujicic’s father believed God was punishing him by having his wife give birth to a limbless boy. The reason behind this belief is unknown, for the Vujicics opened up a church a month prior to Nick Vujicic’s birth, therefore they thought they were doing their duty as God’s humble servants. As this disabled child grew into adolescence, Vujicic questioned why he was the one who was born differently and why he had to fall victim to being a limbless person. Vujicic also suffered from bullying and low self-esteem as a child, which is very common amongst most handicapped or disabled children. Vujicic became so depressed to the point where he tried committing suicide at the age of 10 by drowning himself in a tub full of water, but fortunately failed at the attempt due to the love he has for his parents. After that incident, Nick Vujicic discovered his faith in Jesus Christ who transformed the way he perceived himself and the value of life. Nick Vujicic devoted himself fully to God when he was fifteen years of age. In the beginning, Nick was a depressed, lonely young boy who believed he did not fit in society and after he realized the value of his life, he developed the belief that he was born limbless on purpose through the grace of God, believing that God made him different in order to use Vujicic to influence and move the hearts of millions of...
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