Physical Journey

Topics: Rabbit-Proof Fence, Elisabeth Shue Pages: 6 (2182 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Section III: Essay
Focus – Physical Journeys

How do the texts that you have studied explore the assumptions underlying the concept of the physical journey?

There are many assumptions about what a physical journey is. On one level, it is simply the movement from and origin to a new area known as the destination. The underlying concept however is much more detailed on a personal level. Physical journeys essentially begin with a catalyst, trigger, course that gives a person or people a reason to venture. These are filled with many challenges and obstacles that require the inner power of the person or group to overcome these problems, such as the power of courage and determination. These challenges are a catalyst in itself; they allow you to fight and withstand similar trials on a regular basis, they cause the person to grow. With all these concepts surround the essence of a physical journey, they become a trigger for and inner journey that allows us to celebrate who we are and what we have become due to the many hardships we’ve endured on the journey. These assumptions are what make up physical journeys; text such as Rabbit Proof Fence by Phillip Noyce, and Journeys over Land and Seas From the book of Stimulus, as well as my related materials The Road from Vietnam by Shelley Saywell and Family Footsteps: Kwaku’s Story Broadcasted by ABC TV, November 2, 2006, all are powerful testimonies to these concepts.

All demanding and significant physical journeys require a catalyst behind the reason to begin the journey. The several texts I mentioned, all have evidence to clearly back this concept of a physical journey. The feature article The Road from Vietnam by Shelley Saywell, both visual and written texts powerfully illustrates the significants of one event, one moment of time that can starts someone’s journey. The visual section of the text of the this one girl running down a road, clothes burnt straight off the back of her body, screaming; with napalm burning in the background shows the her journey will be hard and this one event will changed her life. The written section of the text continues to tell the story of Kim Phuc’s life and how she become a doctor after they saved her life and in due time become the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. This one event changed her life; “Kim said to herself she would become a doctor like the man who saved he;” and “ten years after the famous photograph, Kim's life changed again.” These illustrate the importance of a catalyst, without the horrifying image of her running down the road, her journey would never of happen this way, she now has the power to do something about this so that other won’t live though her terrifying past. The photo has her looking directly at the camera, which gives it a gaze of demand, it says someone save me; someone protect me. What is so interesting about this photo is it draws an image of her entire life. The background shows her catalyst of the napalm, her running in pain shows the obstacles she faced while recovering and the pressure placed onto her by the media; “Every time she tried to evade the officials, another foreign journalist would track her down and expose her. "It was a nightmare" she says.” Once she reaches the end there is salvation for her, “The AP photographer who captured those horrific moments was Nick Ut. He drove her to a hospital;” this show something good come out of the journey, she become the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. This is evidence though sections of Rabbit – Proof Fence, the girls, Molly Daisy and Gracie have the heartbreaking catalyst of being tear from their family at their home at Jigalong. This was shown through the mechanical music which left you unsteady during the entire scene. Catalyst lead to obstacles which need to be overcome before reaching the destination; as Kim Phuc had with the media.

All physical journeys that have meaning for a person have obstacles and challenges to overcome before reaching...
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