Physical Fitness Routine

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Physical Fitness Routine

Physical Fitness Routine

The first, and most important step in beginning to look for workout routines and eating healthier, is setting realistic short and long term goals. In order for a person to find a workout routine that works best for them, they have to consider the time they can dedicate to the routine, and most importantly, their motivation to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. There are three basic levels of workouts in reference to workout routines, which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. By choosing and sticking with a realistic and efficient physical fitness routine, you will achieve a healthier lifestyle and benefit your life in several ways. Steps

The first step to obtaining a proper workout routine is to decide what exercises to utilize for which muscle group. The second step is to determine how many repetitions and sets to do for each exercise. The final step to achieve the best workout for you is to figure out how many days out of the week you are going to dedicate for the gym. In the figure 1, I have included a sample workout for my back and biceps as a guide to what a workout for those muscle groups should include, such as exercises, sets, and repetitions. Figure 1|

Muscle Group| Exercise| Sets| Repetitions| Weight|
Back| Lower back extensions| 4| 10| 110 lbs|
Back| Lateral pull downs| 4| 10| 90 lbs|
Back| Cable rows| 4| 10| 75 lbs|
Biceps| Hammer curls| 4| 10| 35 lb dumbbells|
Biceps| Concentration curls| 4| 10| 35 lb dumbbells|
Biceps| Preacher curls| 4| 10| 2 x 25 lb plates|

With a good exercise routine, one can enhance their physical appearance and start to improve their overall health. According to the May Clinic, there are seven benefits to having a good physical fitness routine. These benefits are as follows, and can be viewed at the following website,...
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