Physical Fitness & Nutrition Worksheet

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Physical Fitness and Nutrition Worksheet

In order to obtain optimal health, it is critical to be physically fit and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Becoming knowledgeable about what it means to be physically fit and learning how to evaluate the nutritional value of what you eat may greatly increase your ability to improve your health and wellness.

In this three-part worksheet, you identify the five components of health related fitness, critique a recipe for nutritional value, and respond to two short answer questions about nutrition. Completing this assignment is a step towards gaining the knowledge needed to better manage your physical fitness and nutrition.

Part 1: Five Components of Health Related Fitness Table

Complete the table below. The first row has been filled in for you as an example.

|Components of Physical Fitness |Description |How to Incorporate in Your |Benefit(s) | | | |Life | | |Cardiorespiratory Fitness |Being able to exercise at a |Walk 2 miles at a brisk |Reduced the risk of heart | | |moderate to high intensity for a|pace every day. |disease, hypertension, and high | | |long period of time | |cholesterol. | |Muscular Strength |The amount of force that can be |Test myself at the gym by |Build muscle and get rid of | | |produced by muscle movement. |lifting weights. |unhealthy fats. | | | | | | | | | | | |Muscular Endurance |Ability of a muscle groups |Push myself in the gym at a|Determine my awareness of how | | |movement over an extended period|safe pace until my body |far I can go. | | |of time. |tells me it’s enough. | | | | | | | | | | | | |Flexibility |The range of movement in various|Stretch at least 2 times a |Avoid cramping of muscles and | | |parts of the body. |day. |relieve tension in my joints. | | | | | | | | | | | |Body Composition |The percentage of body fat |Weigh myself to determine |Reduce the risk of unwanted fats| | |versus lean body mass. |how much unhealthy body fat|and build a healthier body. | | | |I have, | | | | | | |

Part 2: Critique a Meal

For this part of the assignment, you critique the nutritional value of a meal. You will select this meal from the USDA website.

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