Physical Education Reflection Essay

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Physical Education is one of my favorite classes. I like it because of all of the activities we did such as volleyball, angle ball, football, track and field, square dancing and softball. My favorite activity this year was softball because my team actually works as a team and we motivate each other to do our best. The main components of the class were learning about sports and dance history, fitness testing, skills, and how to become physically fit. I did better in push-ups in my pre-score than in my mid and post scores. I have improved my curl up score in my post score compared to my pre and mid score. My mile improved every state test. My BMI has improved since the beginning of the year and my trunk lift has maintained the same. I have improved my mile and cross country scores tremendously. My beginning score for my mile was 8:04 and now it is 7:32. In the beginning of the school year I had no endurance, so I would, on an average get five laps on my thirty minute run. Since it’s getting towards the end of the year my endurance is better and now I am achieving seven laps on average. Exercise has many benefits like: It improves your mood, cardiovascular benefits, stronger muscles, healthy lung function, healthier bones, improves weight control, improves sleep, improves and enhances total health, promotes faster recovery from illnesses and makes you have a longer, healthier, happier life. This year I have become more physically fit. I have controlled what I consume in my body, drink more water and exercise more on a daily basis. In P.E. I am most proud on how much I have improved since 7th grade. I remember last year on my first run I got a 17:09 on my mile and to see I have improved by nearly ten minutes amazes me. On my 30 minute runs I have ran a total of 39.6 miles. Over the Summer I plan to jog my dog every other day and go and help out at my karate studio.
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