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Kinesiology Projects

Taekwondo (Axe-Kick)

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts. The name Taekwondo is made

up of several different word: Tae means to strike or to kick, Kwon means fists, and

Do means a way of an art. Taekwondo, putting all these words together, means the

art of kicking and striking

The axe kick is a typical taekwondo often seen in competitions, Because of the big

strike out, it’s very easy to counter attack an axe kick, That’s why a lots of timing and

speed is necessary for successful application. There are two ways to get your foot

above the target. You can either lift you leg straight up in front of you without bending

your knee or the way we do it is to bend your knee into towards your chest first then lift

your foot up from there. This is good in sparring because it makes the kick quicker and it

gives you options if you need to change your mind quickly. Once your foot is above the

target. Then bring it down to strike through with power.

Proper way to execute the axe kick begins with correct hip and body position. Your back

should be straight and your body upright. When the kick reaches maximum

height, extend your ankle and hips as far forward as possible while making sure your

back remains straight. When your leg begins traveling downward, lean backward and

extend your hip outward; this enables you to increase the reach of the technique. You

may also accelerate the kick by applying your body mass into the downward motion.
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