Physical Education-Essay on Personal Examination

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Volleyball Skills
I will be doing the skills called digging, setting and spiking. The phase I believe I am in is cognitive level as I can do the beginner skills at medium level. The factors affecting my performance would be my ankle and knee; I had surgery on my ankle last year and my knee has only recently started to play up. Physical education Book. The implications on my learning are that my friends can be distracting and I am a hand on learner. The evidence that I am bad at volleyball is obvious when I play with other people more experienced. Research & Background information

Volleyball is a team based sport that has many different techniques in it; this game has 6 players on each team and 12 players on the court at one time. There is a net in the middle of the court dividing both teams. Volleyball has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1964 and is known around the globe. The way you earn a point is by using teamwork to hit the ball over the net without it hitting the ground on your side of the net, there are many other rules to this game such as: 1. You cannot catch the ball

2. If the same player hits the ball twice that is a point to the other team 3. If your team hits the ball more than three times it is a penalty against your team. 4. If your feet are over the line when serving then it’s counted as a penalty and the other team gets to serve. These are just an example of the rules there are many more.

Analysis & Justification
I think I am at the cognitive/associative stage of volleyball mainly because I am not very good at this sport but if I apply myself can still do the fundamentals mediocrely. I can dig, set and spike, but 50% of the time I make an error and this can cause the ball to stray from its desired path. My best skills in this game would have to be setting because even though I haven’t had a lot of practice with it I am not that bad at it. Setting and spiking are not my strongest attributes but I am always trying...
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