Physical Education Essay

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  • Published : March 23, 2012
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Physical education is when an individual has sufficient energy to enjoy life and avoid fatigue (Landy & Burridge, 2009). It has been suggested that well conducted physical education programs can result in increased activity levels during the school day as well as increased active living outside the school setting (Morrow, Jackson & Payne, 1999). This is why it is beneficial that both schools and families encourage physical education to children. Physical activity brings many health benefits for young children, these include: strengthening bones and muscles, improve gross and fine motor skills, helps to maintain a healthy body weight and provides the child with more energy (Landy, Burridge, 2009). These main health benefits along with other valuable health benefits will be discussed in great detail throughout this essay in relation to the benefits of physical education for young children.

Strengthening muscles and bones should be looked at as soon as the child reaches 6 months of age. It is crucial for a child to strengthen their muscles and bones as this will help them during physical activity and also in their everyday life. Strong bones and muscles prevent the child from being injured easily. Dense bones are essential to good posture, strength and balance (Gilbert, n.d.). The quality of a child bones and muscles has a direct impact on energy. Physical activity has a large impact on strengthening and building a child’s bones and muscles which is why it is such a crucial part of child care and school programs. One of physical educations unique contributions to the education of all children is motor skill performance (Martin, Rudisill & Hastie, 2009). Physical activity helps to improve a child’s fine and gross motor skills. Gross motor skills being body management, locomotion and object control (Landy, Burridge, 2009). The physical education teachers must provide

climates that support the learning of movement skills for this to be effective...
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