Physical Education Essay

Topics: Employment, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Physical Education is misunderstood by most people in today's world.  There are many people, especially in the United States, that have lost control of their bodies and are extremely obese.  Most of them ask themselves the question, "What do I do now?" I believe that everyone should learn the skills of how to take care of their bodies. In my opinion a college level Physical Education class should teach students the basics of burning fat, eating right, and how to incorporate being physical into everyday life. Many people today have lost focus on being healthy. As soon as high school is over many people get caught up in everyday life. They are always on the go, eat out all the time, sit behind a desk all day, or go home and head straight for the couch. I have been one of these people. I find myself looking back and wondering, if I would have learned the importance of physical activities, would I be overweight today? People today are always on the go. They are so busy dealing with life that they don’t make time for themselves. Some of these people begin to gain weight and lose self confidence. Having self confidence is an important key to having a successful career. Once self confidence is lowered, job performance can drop causing a career to be in jeopardy. It is important to employers that their employees have confidence in the job they are doing, as well as the skills that they posses. The confidence level of the employee also tells the employer how the company will be represented by that person. It is important to companies to keep a positive reputation and to be represented in a good positive manner by all of its employees. In closing, Physical Education is very important. People need to be reminded of how to take care of themselves and how to keep up their self confidence. By adding a Physical Education class as a requirement could uplift the way students go out into the world and achieve their chosen careers.
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