Physical Education

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Definition of Physical Education

Physical Education is the process by which changes in the individual are bought about through movements’ experiences. Physical Education aims not only at physical development but is also concerned with education of the whole person through physical activities.

Allied Fields

Health Instruction
Health Services
Environmental Health

These fields share many purposes with physical education, exercise science, and sport, but the content of the subject matter and methods to reach their goals are different.

Definition of Terms

Health: a state of positive well-being associated with freedom from disease or illness. Wellness: a state of positive biological and psychological well-being that encompasses a sense of well-being and quality of life.

Holistic Health: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and genetic factors’ influence on an individual’s life. (similar to wellness) Quality of Life: overall sense of well-being that has a different meaning for each individual.

Physical activity: any bodily movement produced by the contraction of the skeletal muscles that increases energy expenditure above the baseline level. Exercise: physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive with the purpose of developing, improving, or maintaining physical fitness.

Physical Fitness: the ability to perform daily tasks with vigor and without undue fatigue, and with sufficient energy to engage in leisure-time pursuits, to meet unforeseen emergencies, and the vitality to perform at one’s fullest capacity.

Misconceptions about Physical Education
1. Interscholastic athletics and physical education are the same. 2. Physical education is a rest period between academic classes. 3. Anyone can teach physical education, no professional training is needed. 4. Physical education instructors belong on an academic level below other instructors. 5. Physical education classes are free play periods.

6. Physical education classes are designed to give other teachers a free period. 7. Physical education is primarily to relieve tensions built up in other classes. 8. Physical education is a ‘do as I like’ class.

9. Physical education does not have the same academic prestige and importance as other classes. 10. Physical education is not necessary for elementary school students. 11. Physical education has as its main objective the development of muscles. 12. Girls should not be given tumbling because it injures their internal organs. 13. A major in physical education means learning and playing games. 14. A women physical education person has to be rough and tough in order to qualify for the profession. 15. Physical educators are not cultured people.

16. Physical education teachers are below average in intelligence. 17. A person should go into the physical education profession if wants to go through college without having to work and study. 18. A physical education teacher tosses out a ball, blows a whistle now and then, and that is the extent of his teaching. 19. I took a long walk today, therefore I have had my physical education. 20. To participate well in physical education activities means that one needs more muscle than intelligence. 21. Physical education is simply calisthenics and athletics. 22. Physical education is only education of the physical. 23. All coaches are trained physical education instructors. 24. Physical education is not taught by professional people. 25. Physical education is a recess period.

26. There is no knowledge factor related to physical education, therefore we have nothing to contribute to general education. 27. Women do not need physical education, because they have no need to develop muscles. 28. Top athletes should be excused from all physical education classes. 29. Children should not fail physical education because it...
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