Physical Education

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The objective of the game is to capture the opposing team's base by tagging the mark. The members of each team meanwhile defend their own base by capturing opposing players. Players can be captured when they cross the line that divides the playing area. Once a player is captured, he must go to the base's mark and stay there. A captured player can be freed by getting tagged by one of his teammates. The game ends when one team captures the others' base or if all of the members of one team is captured.


ANG Piko ay isang popolar na larong pambata sa Pilipinas. Karaniwan itong nilalaro ng mga batang babae at minsan naman mga batang lalake. Nilalaro lamang ito ng mga batang lalake pagnasa murang edad pa sila, pagdating nila ng walo nahihiya na silang sumali.


A grid is drawn on the ground. Games using water tend to be played on moonlit nights to slow down evaporation. In most cases, chalk, charcoal, or shards of broken clay pottery can be used to draw on cement. The grid is usually a wide rectangle divided into four to six sections. One team is stationed along the lines, one player per line. The opposing team is stationed on one end of the grid. Determining which team goes where is decided by a round of jack-en-poy or rock-paper-scissors played by a member from each team.


Players decide on which team to play first. Two players serve as the base of the tinik by putting their right/left feet together (soles touching gradually building tinik). A starting point is set by all the players giving enough runway for the players. Players of the other team start jumping the tinik followed by the other team members. If they all successfully jump without touching any of the feet of the base players, the next degree of difficulty is done next. The base players then extend their...
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