Physical Development of an Adolescent

Topics: Puberty, DNA, Genetics Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: July 17, 2011


Physically adolescents are still influenced by their inherited genes. Whether or not a particular characteristic is expressed is often determined by our genotype. For physical genetic formation to take place any of the three may have contributed to a full grown adolescent.

Imprinting – A chemical marker that may activate either the Father’s or Mother’s genes.

Mutation – Sudden or permanent change in a DNA segment. Some by chance, some by environmental hazards.

Polygenic inheritance – Defined height, weight, intelligence, personality, blood pressure etc.


During adolescence both boys and girls undergo growth spurt. Primary sex characteristics (reproductive organs) enlarge and mature; and secondary characteristics appear (growth of pubic hair and breasts/testicular growth, development of acne and voice changes).

The adolescent period marks that beginning of the biological changes of puberty.

A girl’s body undergoes changes in fat distribution. Whiskers for Boys mark its appearance as well as the obvious mass gain for a firmer body.

Because of their sensitivity and modesty about their bodies adolescents have an increased need for privacy.


The body seeks more activities during this phase of growth for Boys (Sports). For girls on the other hand certain sexual developments hinder them to do more physically challenging activities at this time. Even with less rest or right diet, this phase of growth is when body performance is also at its peak.

The way the senses (taste, sight, smell, touch and hearing) are able to give them information changes. Their senses become more acute and they have less trouble distinguishing details. This may correlate with the sensitivity that adolescents go through because of their outer physical changes. Sensory changes can have tremendous impact on their...
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