Physical Aspect Classroom Management

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The physical environment in the classroom is one of the aspects that count in classroom management. Teacher must realise that an uncomfortable physical environment can lead to lack of concentration of students on the task and will also influence the way they feel and behave.[1] So, every teacher has a role to play in making the classroom a pleasant, tidy, safe and comfortable to study.

Firstly, we will discuss shortly about the functions of the setting, factors to be considered when designing the physical environment, specific ideas about floor space, storage space and supplies, bulletin boards and wall space, and the environment.[2]

Steele (1973) indicates that physical settings serve six basic functions, there are, security and shelter, social contact, symbolic identification, task instrumentality, pleasure, and growth.[3]

The physical security and shelter of students is a basic concern, involve the physical conditions that affect their senses. The physical aspects of security and shelter involve the temperature and quality of the air, noise, light and the quality and comfort of the seats.[4] For example, teacher can arrange for a comfortable temperature, and assure proper ventilation for fresh air by open the window for fresh air. This aspect will make students feel secure, comfortable, safe and protected.

Social contact refers to the interaction among students and between teacher and students. For example, rows desk arrangements are more teacher centred, so teacher can interact with all students where they might seat.

Symbolic identification means the personal identification through symbols such as work sample, posting of personal information, photographs, posters and other object.[5] This is to make sure student and teacher know each other.

Task instrumentality is the way the physical environment can help teachers and students carry out tasks and activities.[6] For example, teachers have to make sure students know where things belong....
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