Physical and Psychological Aspects of Hypnosis

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  • Published : June 25, 2011
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4.1 Following on from Abraham Maslow’s (1908-70) work on well known Hierarchy of Needs, American psychologist, Carl Rogers (1902-87) developed humanistic therapy known as Person-Centered Therapy (PCT).The basic belief of this therapy is for the therapist to develop a more personal relationship with the client, to help the client reach a state of understanding that they can help themselves. This idea can be achieved by encouraging the person towards growth, placing great stress on the present situation rather than the past.PCT espouses the belief that where three necessary conditions are present in the counseling process, then the conditions will be sufficient for the client to move forward to finding solutions to their problems. These three so-called Core Conditions are-: 1 the therapist is congruent with the client.2The therapist provides the client with unconditional positive regard.3The therapist shows empathetic understanding to the client. The presence of these conditions in therapy allows a person’s actualizing tendency to be triggered and developed. A central belief of PCT is that the client knows better. It is the client who understands in what ways he/she is unhappy, and it is the client who best knows how to solve these problems.

According to Rogers (1961) cited by McLeod (1998) there are six necessary conditions for a therapeutic change. Condition one is that two people are in psychological contract .A relation between therapist and client must exist and it must be a relationship in which each person perception of the other is important. Condition two is the first person the client is in state of incongruence, vulnerable and anxious. The incongruence that exist between the clients experience and awareness furthermore the client is vulnerable to anxiety which mistakes them to stay in relationship .The condition three is the second person is the therapist who is congruent in relationship. Congruence means that the therapist’s outward responses match...
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