Physical and Cognitive Development

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Physical and Cognitive Development

PSY/ 103 Introduction to Psychology

This paper is will focus on the influences of physical and cognitive development in adolescence from 12 to 18 years of age. This part of the developmental stage has many factors that affect the physical development as well as the cognitive development in adolescence. In addition to influences of physical and cognitive development this paper will also focus on the hereditary and environmental influences that make up this stage in life. This stage in the life span is considered the time when a person moves from the childhood stage into the adulthood stage. During this time there are many physical, cognitive, and personality developments that affect the lives of adolescences. Most of these changes start early in the adolescent stage with physical changes to the body. These physical changes are called puberty and have a dramatic change on adolescent and differs between boys and girls. Each will experience changes in their body, which will include new body odor, hair in places like the pubic region, under arms, and facial areas. These changes along with growth spurts, pimples, and other changes in the body, move this adolescence into adulthood. Boys and girls also have different changes because of their sex. Girls will start their menstruation period during this time as well as the growth of breasts. Boys have changes specifically tailored to them in the range of voice, muscle development and sexual growth. (Carpenter, 2010) The factors

The factors that affect physical development during the adolescent stage have to do with both hereditary and environmental influences. The makeup of a child’s genetics plays a large part in determining the size and weight of the child. If both parents are obese or overweight is a good chance that the child will also have problems with weight. This development in weight and bone structure also has to do with the environmental influences...
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