Physical Activity

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Use 30 of them for physical activity. Do you want to live a long, healthy life? I know I do.
Being physically active every day is one important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. To be physically active, you do not have to be an athlete. Research shows that regular physical activity can promote psychological well-being and even aid in reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. Because of this, each and every one of you should be active for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Some of these physical activities can include simple things, such as walking, dancing, swimming, bicycling, yoga, running and even mowing the lawn. Even if you have a busy day, you can get some of your physical activity in as you are performing your everyday tasks. Take stairs instead of escalators and elevators or Park farther from the store and walk through the parking lot. The key is to find the right exercise for you. Soccer and running have kept me active throughout my entire life. I have played since the age of 5, and although I finished after high school, I work out on a regular basis and am currently in search of a soccer team. Soccer was once quoted as “the greatest sport of all time” and is the fastest growing and most popular sport in the world. In order to add to the growth of this amazing sport, some of you should join a team and get fit! You are more likely to stay motivated if you enjoy the physical activity you take part in. It is concluded by doctors that physical activity is associated with many health benefits: It Strengthens your heart, lungs, bones and muscles, Gives you more energy and strength, Helps control your weight and blood pressure, Helps you handle stress, Helps your quality of sleep and Helps you feel better about how you look. When you are not physically active, you are more likely to:

Get Coronary heart disease- Inactive people have double the risk of having a heart attack compared with those who are...
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