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Me, Myself and I



Me, Myself and I

I. What’s your family like?
* Immigrates
* Widow mother
* The youngest and the only girl
II. Where are you from?
* Dominican Republic
* San Pedro de Macoris
* Baseball mecca
III. What things do you remember growing up?
* Death in the family
* Growing pain
IV. What was your education experience?
-changing my career path to much
V. What would back you happy in the future?
* Becoming a nurse
* Having a family

Me, Myself and I

Me Myself and I
At the age of 34 I’m still confused as to what my passion in life is. I’m what people would concern a late bloomer. Let me give you a brief summary of ME MYSELF AND I and everyone else. I was born the youngest of 4 and the only girl, in the Dominican Republic the city of San Pedro De Macoris. The Baseball Mecca of the world. My dad used to work in the Mine field and my mom was a house wife we lived with my grandmother while my dad work out of the city. My grandmother was very country and I loved that about her. I love nature, people used to say when I was little that my brothers used to take me up the roof of the house and leave me there to scare my mother, and for some reason I enjoyed it. (Don’t ask)... When I was about 3 my dad came to the states and about 2 years later we all followed. My mom and my older brother went first and the rest followed afterwards. I was about 6 turning 7 when I came to the states, didn’t know what to expect. To me it was just nothing. We moved into 4 store building with a view of the cemetery. Our neighbors were all family and all were from Spanish decent. There were three two girls around my age and 3 boys around my brothers age that lived in the building. I learned English very quickly. I went to catholic school and also dancing classes as well, which I loved. We would invent dance shows in the building basement and charge 10 cents to enter. Those were the days. Me, Myself and I

A few years later we moved in to our own house. By this time my grandmother came to the states and moved in with us. I was about 11 or 12 years old. At this time my noticing some changes around my family. One of my brothers would get in trouble with the law frequently. My other brothers would be very quiet about their lives. My dad got a new job at transit working for New York City train station. My mom also had a new job. We needed to money but I never felt that we didn’t and never understand why everyone was leaving or making changes it just seems that we were all going our separate way. I graduate grammar school I went to a high school that was a pretty long ride, and I didn’t know any one, I tried to get into all the activity and sports there were for me. And I enjoyed every minute of it. My 2nd year of high school I got my first job, I didn’t need it but I wanted to but my own things and not depend on my parents. I remember my first paycheck was $78 and I thought I was bill gates ( he was popular at the time but you get what I’m saying) I had my first boyfriends and my very first heart break in high school. I didn’t go to prom not because I didn’t have a date but that I didn’t see the point. When I graduate high school my Grandmother passed away from cancer. That was the first time I ever felt a big loss so close. We took her back to Dominican Republic, to be laid to rest. That was a great lost for us all. While I was there I met what soon to be my ex-husband. In the text the author writes “In some ways, young adults reach their peaks cognitively, though in other ways they continue to expand capabilities.” I think this is absolutely try we try out new things and the thoughts of what if Me, Myself and I

comes about. I had a long distance relationship for about 3 years, which my mother and some family members didn’t approve of our relationship, it was hard to convince them that about the relationship...
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