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Chndra Baid

ROLL NO. 251



This is to certify that the project entitled ‘Psychological impact of unemployment’ which is submitted by me in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the T.Y.B.A. in Organizational Psychology, University of Mumbai, comprises only my work and due acknowledgement has been made in the text to all other material used. 22/12/2011
Chandra Baid


It would have been impossible to complete this project without the vast and ready resources of the Internet and the constant support of my family and friends

And of course, the support from my subject teacher, Ms. A. Lobo through her endless support and suggestions.


I had selected the topic ‘psychological impact of unemployment’ as I could relate to it as most of the people are facing the problems of unemployment due to the economic global crisis which affected most parts of the world three years back. The late 2000 recession is a major global economic problem that showed signs in end of 2007 and spiralled since September 2008. It has affected the entire global economy with certain countries facing more damage than the others. Along with recession comes the major problem of unemployment. Many jobs have been lost worldwide and this has affected millions psychologically and physically. Though improvement has been shown in the employment rates, unemployment still seems to be a great factor in many people’s lives. Organisations have downsized tremendously and many people have been left unemployed and in are bad situations for many years now. This has lead to many people having terrible psychological breakdowns which have ended in violence and suicide. It is therefore very important to study and understand...
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