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Exam 1 Psychology

* Psychology: The scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Study the mind * Subfield: The different subfields of psychology allow psychologists to explain the same behavior in multiple ways. * Behavioral genetics

* Behavioral neuroscience
* Clinical psychology
* Clinical neuropsychology
* Cognitive psychology
* Counseling psychology
* Cross-cultural psychology
* Development psychology
* Educational psychology
* Environmental psychology
* Evolutionary psychology
* Experimental psychology
* Forensic psychology
* Health psychology
* Industrial/organizational psychology
* Personality psychology
* Program evolution
* Psychology of women
* School psychology
* Social psychology
* Sport psychology
* Psychologist: Look people and describe they behavior. Based in theory. * Describe
* Explain
* Predict
* Psychiatrist: They are medical doctors.
* Structuralism: Wundt’s approach, which focuses on uncovering the fundamental mental components of consciousness, thinking, and other kind of mental states and activity. * Functionalism: An early approach to psychology that concentrated on what the mind does- the functions of mental activity-and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments. * Gestalt: focuses on the organization of perception and thinking in a “whole” sense rather than on the individual elements of perception. STUDY ALERT: Knowing the basic outline of the history of the field will help you understand how today major perspectives have evolves. * Neuroscience: Views behavior from the perspective of biological functioning. * Mind (brain)

* Genetics
* Psychodynamic: Believes behavior is motivated by inner, unconscious forces over which a person has little control. * Sigmund Freud (1900-1950)
* Unconscious: Thought
They really affect our behavior
* Sexual-urges
* Aggressive urges
* Behavioral: Focuses on observable behavior.
* John Watson: An early behaviorist
* B.J Skinner: Science and human behavior, advocating the behavioral perspective. * Cognitive: Examines how people understand and think about the world. * Big issue with behavior and cognitive:

They look at people as a computer.
* Humanistic: Contends that people can control their behavior and that the naturally try to reach their full potential. * Natural Selection: Natural selection is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution, along with mutation, migration, and genetic drift. * Sigmund Freud: Was a Viennese physician in the early 1900s whose ideas about unconscious determines our behavior had a revolutionary effects on 20th century thinking, not only in psychology but in related fields as well. The origins of the psychodynamic view are linked to one person Sigmund Freud. * Cognitive Psychologist: Focuses on the study of higher mental process. * Places where psychologist work:

* Hospital
* School
* Clinical
* Counseling
* Clinical
* Development
* Col
* Behavior
* Humanistic
* Industrial
* Forensic
* Sport
* Development psychologist: Examine how people grow and change from the moment of conception through the death. * Nature: (heredity) Genetics.
Nurture: Environment.
* Free will: Choices made by freely by an individual
* Determinism: The idea that people’s behavior is produced primarily by factors outside of their willful control.


* Scientific Methods: The approach thought which psychologists systematically acquire knowledge and understanding about behavior and other phenomena of interest. * Hypothesis: A prediction, stemming from a theory, stated in a way that allows it to be tested. * Theories: Broad explanation and prediction concerning phenomena of...
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