Phrase and Delicious Food

Topics: Phrase, Sentence, Collocation Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: May 21, 2013
a. Match the definition to the right adjective.
1. Keen to learn about a lot of different things. _______________ 2. Attractive, usually small, and easy to like __________________ 3. Doing what a person, law or rule says you must do ________________ 4. Trained not to attack ________________________

5. Quick to attack ____________________
6. Violent and able to cause serious injury __________________ 7. Deliberately cruel and showing no emotion _________________ 8. Lively and full of fun ____________________
b. Complete the sentences with an adjective from exercise a. 1. Although rats are relatively small, they can be very _________________ and should be approached with caution. 2. Tigers, panthers and lions are __________________, wild animals. They are not suited for domestic life and should never be kept as pets. 3. Man is the most __________________ killer in the animal kingdom, sometimes even doing it for pleasure. 4. Small children are naturally___________________ and parents need to be patient in answering the thousands of questions they are forever asking. 5. If a large dog is not __________________ to its owner, then it is a potential danger. 6. Children are often attracted to animals that look ________________ in pet shop windows. 7. The deer in the park have become so ________________ they will approach people and even help themselves to their picnics. 8. Take care when walking behind a young horse: a ________________ kick could actually cause a serious injury. c. Replace the verb idioms in italics with a phrase.

1. I wish you would stop butting in on the conversation! It’s really annoying! 2. I’m sorry, no matter how many times you explain it to me, it just doesn’t add up. 3. Have I completely missed the point or do you really mean you’re happy to do it? 4. There seem to be one or two things here that need clearing up before we go any further. 5. Look,...
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