Php, Jsp, and Asp.Net

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Server side scripting is a web server technology that is usually used to generate web pages in a dynamic and interactive manner and content that interact with the database and other data stores. To achieve this, several scripting languages have been developed, the most common being jsp (Java server pages), ASP.NET and PHP. PHP

PHP is a server-side language in which the PHP codes resides in the host computer and serves web pages to the browser (Ullman, 2011). PHP as a scripting language is not compiled however it only runs upon an event.

JSP (Java server pages)
JSP is a web server technology developed by Sun Microsystem that enables the programmers to create HTML, XML or other type of documents dynamically by first compiling JSP into servlets by a JSP compiler which is then loaded via the servlet container upon client requests (Pekowsky, 2004). It achieves so by allowing programmers to embed Java code into html (.jsp) page.

On the other hand ASP.NET is a Microsoft server-side web technology that uses an object oriented approach to execute web pages (Kauffman, 1999). The working behind ASP.NET is that every page is worked on as an object which is then run on the server. Comparisons

Both Jsp, PHP and ASP.Net languages achieve the same purpose which is dynamically generating web content as well as the fact that they are both executed in on the web server. Similarly both scripting languages are interactive as they dynamically respond to user queries or data submitted through web forms. Likewise both languages provide security since the server code cannot be accesses via the browser. Also both scripting languages have the capability to access any data or database and relay results through the web browser. Contrasts

However it is worth noting that despite their similarities JSP, PHP and ASP.Net share certain differences. One instance is the platform dependence. Unlike JSP and PHP, ASP.NET...
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