Photosynthesis and Experimental Question

Topics: Photosynthesis, Light-dependent reactions, Light Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Light Reactions Lab
This lab explores the effect of light intensity and light wavelength on photosynthesis. The quantity of energy [ATP] produced will change depending upon on these parameters. Use "Johnson Explorations: Photosynthesis" located at Examine the diagram before clicking "skip intro" so you have an idea what is going on. The animation show the movement of photons, electrons, water, protons, ATP etc. relating to the ETC of a thylakoid. Procedure: Use the simulation to determine how wavelength and light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis [measured by ATP production]. You are dealing with two variables you must keep one variable constant while manipulating the other variable. Include any notes about how data was obtained in the introduction. Lab Report must contain the following typed sections.

1. Introduction: Describe briefly the light dependent reactions and propose a hypothesis to answer the experimental question. 2. Procedure: Briefly describe the simulation, and the method for obtaining your data. 3. Data: Include data tables for the simulation for both changes of intensity and changes of wavelength. More than one table is probably required. 4. Graphs showing how the percentage of ATP changed as a result of changes in wavelength and intensity . Use a spreadsheet or graphing program of your choice. 3. Conclusion: Use your data to answer the experimental question. Answer clearly how light wavelength affects the reaction, and how light intensity affects the reactions. Offer an explanation of the results, taking into account the principles of photosynthesis and the light reaction. Grading Rubric

Poor (1 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Good ( 3 pts)
IntroductionExplanation of light dependent reaction lacking and/or hypothesis missing.Offers explanation of the reaction, some parts vague or incorrect. Hypothesis unclear or does not answer experimental question fully....
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