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Topics: Photography, Collage, Camera Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 17, 2013 de Barrows The next photographer that we saw was Geraldo de Barrows. He is a Brazilian photographer that explores a different technique to the traditional at the time. He works around double exposures, collaging negatives and drawing and scratching directly onto the processed photo. Barrows was a key influence in the Brazilian art and design movement. He started of a painter and then as his work progressed he decided to try out photography. He used the camera like no other photographers at the time because it had only been used to document. Borrows decided to try and use it as an art and an expression. He would scratch his negatives and do double exposures as well as cutting into and layering his shots together. The exhibition marks the beginning and the end of de Barros’ photographic career, combining the two series to demonstrate his radical approach towards the images whilst exploring different techniques. A photo of mountains and lakes with grey houses visible in the foreground of the shotThe first shot that I saw was a montage of a landscape which was taken using a film camera. In the foreground there is a big black and white industrial building. It looks like some kind of factory. A lot of the building is kind of cropped out and you can only see the roof. In the back there is a rural landscape that almost looks like a building. There is a contrast because of the sepia effect. There is fields followed by a lake and then mountains in the back. I think the photography took the two photos separately and then went back and cropped and cut out bitch which he then put together. It also looks as if they were taken in different time periods. I think that this was to show the effect of industrial revolution and contrasting the two together as well as how things have changed overtime. The colour could symbolise the...
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