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Topics: Photography, Photograph, Great Depression Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Allison L. Atkenson
Mrs. Thyer
AP English
December 2011
Photography’s Great Influence
Photography allows us to store, retain, and recall information. Although some feel photos produce negative images and appear fabricated, their pros outweigh the cons. We use photography every day. Photos have the ability to portray where we have been, what we have done, and our place in the world. Photographs allow us to look back on memories and events of our lives, and their significance. The majority of photography’s influence remains positive. Photography preserves memories and yields informative, emotional, and expressive reactions that words cannot convey.

Photography also permits us to share our memories with those around us. As time progresses, our memories naturally fade. When we die, our memories die with us. Photography enables us to remember and preserve past and often treasured, emotional, or historical events. People commonly use photography to reminisce and share feelings and thoughts with those not present. An article featured in LIFE magazine adequately highlights photography’s positive impact. It reads, “Among those several astonishing uses of photography the first is that it is the instrument through which we share memory” (Life Magazine). Photography can produce learning experiences to share and pass on to future generations. Photographs allow us to view events and understand their significance. We can truly feel the impact of these events when we “reach back 150 years and bring forth an instant of history” (LIFE Magazine). History books remain an ideal example of this concept.  Although you may not have lived during the Great Depression in 1929, with the aid of photography, we can feel the impact it had on citizens and the country. Through viewing these photographs, we can better comprehend the appalling effects of the stock market’s crash. Photographs of this type have recorded past wars, its glories, its horrors, and its injustices....
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