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The Evolution of the Camera and Photography



Length of project: 1790

Year : 2012-2013

This project is based on one of the five areas of interaction: human ingenuity .I chose this specific area because my project is directly related human creativity and productivity.

I intend to focus on the fact that man has invented the camera and thus managed to develop its mechanical parts. I would like to point out that man has very successfully embedded photography in everyday life and society.

I have chosen to discuss the evolution of photography and of cameras. The primary reason for my choice stems from my personal involvement with photography as a hobby and my interest in its evolution in society in every possible form and in terms of the evolution of photographic equipment as devices.

This project will explore the following questions:

How has the camera evolved?

How has the camera been incorporated into society?

How and when did the first photographers begin?

How has photography developed over the years?

It must be noted that all the above primary questions will be addressed in detail. And that project is based on information gathered with a view to elaborate on the matter.

To begin one must first explain how photography came about and then show how photographs are taken digitally and in analogue form, which is the main purpose of this project.

The questions will be answered with the following procedure. Initially I prepared a presentation that explains the development of photography, its importance and how it generally came about to exist.

For this presentation various resources from Internet sites and books were used. However, this presentation will not appear in the final product since that it is not permitted.

Through the questions raised it is evident that the development of photography is clearly linked to human ingenuity.

My main objective, the final project is a photographic exhibition, which will present the evidence that there is a very distinct difference between digital and analogue photography. Therefore I will provide a very clear picture of how evolution has played a role in the advent of digital photography. Meaning that we shall easily see whether the quality of photography is better or worse. In other words I will, in essence, use duplicate photographs taken both in digital and analogue format.

In carrying out my research I came across information in hard copy books and e-books or on websites and they are as follows:

1.Koetzle ,Hans-Michael ,Photo Icons
2.Hope ,Terry ,Extreme Photography ,Switzerland: Photo Vision ,2004. Print. 3.Hedgecoe ,John ,The art of digital photography ,United States ,DK Publishing ,2006. Print. 4.White ,Ron ,How digital photography works ,United States ,2007 ,Que. Print. 5. “Camera Heritage Museums.” Camera heritage museum

My findings on the Internet were somewhat difficult and hard to process. However, I managed to extract the wealth of information I needed. Thereafter I used hardcopy books, which contained the concise history of photography. The books I used were on loan to me by my Adviser who is an amateur photographer, as the books were both expensive to buy and extremely inaccessible in the public library or the school library . There were a few sites that I came across which had quite a few details concerning the evolution of photography. They seemed very well linked to the objectives of my project. At some points I was quite insecure when trying to discern which sites contained the most accurate information since I was told and later discovered that many sites are far from accurate. The sum of my research helped me come to certain conclusions and to be able to justify my findings.

During my research I did have a few problems. For example I had difficulty getting an interview with two photographers, which had previously confirmed their interest and...
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