Phone Etiquette

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Checkpoint: Phone Etiquette

The finest practice of any computer support association is the practice of highest level of phone etiquette. This type of discipline is usually communicated in company training seminars. The respect and eagerness is often noted from the initial communication introduction to the end of the call. In order to achieve effective phone etiquette requires planning.

This step is often referenced to as the pre-greeting. This step would constitute having all the material and information available before the phone even rings. Examples of this material would include pens, paper, and logged into information system. These tools will enable the support representative to write and retrieve the necessary information to provide a timely response. The steps that follow are the initial contact with the customer. It is always a good idea to introduce oneself, and company in a calm and assistive tone. This step often than not will set the tone for the rest of the conversation. The customer is already forming a perception of the support associate and also of the company. It is often recommended to address the customer by first name and also reaffirm assurance of correcting the issue at hand. It is widely known that the hold function on the phone is the nightmare of customers. In order to uses this function in accordance to phone etiquette you must inform the customer as to why they are being place on hold. After a couple of minutes it is a good idea to check back with the customer and provide update on the process of the request.

These steps will ensure that the customer begins to eases from the stressful dilemma, and begins to feel at ease with the associate. This is the ultimate goal of any associate to provide a pleasant environment guided by respect and devotion to the mission.
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