Philosophy - Views of Pornography

Topics: Marriage, Polygamy, Same-sex marriage Pages: 7 (2313 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Harmful – fast food, violent movies, violent video games, alcohol, drugs Given choices, can someone purchase porn under 18
Pornography (by depicting sexuality in a graphic and explicit fashion) does not merely serve to offend some members of society, but it serves to actually cause “harm” society, therefore it ought to be censored (see Module 12).

1. What is pornography?
2. What is the difference between pornography and erotica?  Is a picture of Michangelo's statue of David erotic or pornographic? 3. What exactly about pornography makes it objectionable? 4. Is it possible for pornography to be harmful? 5. If pornography is harmful, exactly what is it about pornography that makes it harmful? 6. What is the remedy for the possible harm that may be produced by pornography? 7. Is it possible that any feasible remedy for pornography may be more harmful than tolerating the existence of pornography? Position 1 tends to reflect the libertarian stance that people should be free to openly enjoy pornography and that, at the end of the day, no real harm is done by exercising this individual freedom.  Position 4 could be described as the "soft libertarian" position in the sense in that it recognizes that some people will find pornography distasteful, but that any effort to "correct" this situation will result in a greater evil for society (loss of liberty/paternalism etc ...) and so the appropriate response to produce the least amount of overall evil for society is tolerance. 

what kind of harm does pornography purportedly inflict on society?

Argument of transferring the depection of the porno into reality

Politically speaking, under one view, pornography is something that an enlightened or liberal society could tolerate even if it did not find it personally appealing or becoming. Under the other view, pornography is morally objectionable and promotes injustice toward a class of persons, something that no society (enlightened or liberal) is likely to tolerate.

1. Melinda Vadas' - "A First Look at the Pornography/Civil Rights Ordinance: Could Pornography Be the Subordination of Women." 2. William Parent's - "A Second Look at Pornography and the Subordination of Women."

Pornography (by depicting sexuality in a graphic and explicit fashion) although may offend some members of society, it does not cause “harm” to society.

Premise 1: What is pornography?
Premise: 2 Two side explain – harmful vs. choice
Premise 3: How is it harmful. There are laws in place to protect what is deemed as harmful (child pornography…etc.) 2.2.2 Pornography and Offense: Justifying restrictions on the public display of pornography 2.2.3 The dangers of censorship

4.1 Feminist arguments against pornography

Objection: How can you be in a legitimate relationship with more than one person. It is impossible. Reply: Is it impossible. Although one may make the choice to not be with more than one person, this is their choice. The choice as well works for individuals who choose to be in a relationship with more than one person.

In this essay I will argue that it is possible for a legitimate relationship to include more than two individuals. First of all it is important to define what a legitimate relationship is, so that the term can convey as to whether this could include more that two individuals. After uncovering the meaning of legitimate

The subject of what a legitimate relationship can be argued from both perspectives. The word legitimate is defined as “according to law”, “in accordance with established rule, principle, or standards”, “born in wedlock or of legally married parents”, “in accordance with the laws of reasoning; logically inferable”, “of the normal or regular type or kind”, and...
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