Philosophy Statement of leadership with Athletics

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Higher Education is provided by universities, colleges, and other institutions that award both undergraduate and graduate academic degrees. It has taken on substantial importance in today’s American society. The majority of people find it an ingredient for higher paying jobs and the opportunity at a comfortable lifestyle, with it overall improving an individuals quality of life. There are many important components that are a part of higher education institutes, with one of them being athletics. Athletics at a university or college is an integral aspect of the total education experience and teaches valuable skills used in society and the work environment.

My leadership philosophy stems from my childhood and growing up being an athlete. I am all about building one’s character, respect for all, and integrity, while incorporating diversity and encouraging hard work for growth and excellence. Growing up, my parents taught me about the importance of having values, with the golden rule at the top, “treat others the same way you would want to be treated” no matter the gender or race. I will continue to always follow and promote these values in leading others, especially today’s students, as I believe they are our leaders of tomorrow. Having a set of values allows people to work and grow together, which was reinforced being on an athletic team. Right behind having these core values, was always to have a hard work ethic in whatever I did, especially in education. Even though it was tough to see my parents being right as a kid, I soon learned after college they were spot on in pushing my siblings and I to work hard in school, saying it was the key to a better lifestyle opening many career opportunities.

As a Director of Athletics I would establish these strong values and hard work ethic for the department staff and student athletes. Incorporating intercollegiate athletics with these standards further develops the student athlete, setting him/her up for...
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