Philosophy Statement

Topics: Childhood, Need, Want Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Jody’s Philosophy Statement

My beliefs about early childhood education has been based upon my life experience as a babysitter and working in a childcare setting starting with high school learning center. From these experiences, had a great impact on how I would become the educator that I am today. I believe that children need to learn in a supportive, loving, caring and positive environment for the children in my care. That each child is an individual with needs and a unique person with like and dislikes. They bring something special to the classroom and make the learning experience fun not only for them but from what I learn from them. My purpose in the childcare was to support, nurture, and enhance the learning environment for the children in my care and their families. The child care program should support, serve and help families when they need it so they can support their children in their learning. I want to make sure that I know where the children are coming from and what their culture and the beliefs of the families of my children. I have been influenced by Eric Erickson’s theory on how children develop in stages. From his theories, I can see where the child is developmentally and how their learning is progressing in the classroom. I can make sure that the children’s needs are met, that they can move from one stage to another in their life. With this information, I can build the curriculum to support their development and their needs in the classroom.

A high quality Infant/toddler program must provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment that can promote a positivity supportive program for very young children. The young children can learn to gain skills from the environment such as cognitive development, social and emotional, and physical skills. I believe that infant and Toddler is born with an innate ability to learn and explore their world by using their senses. I believe this can happen by working in a child centered and...
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