Philosophy, Politics and Economy

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Philosophy, Politics and Economy

Within this paper, the author will describe the Civil War, Progressive Era, The Great Depression and The Civil Rights Era. This will entail going over the federal government expansion of authority and how it affected the development of the country. This paper will go over the developments regarding political, social, and economic structures.

Philosophy, Politics and Economy
The United States of America. A name that is synonymous with rich history which is not always pleasant, triumph, losses, and power. Throughout history, there have been many different eras which included changes and wars for the common good of the land. Although some were unnecessary, others were necessary in order to bring the country together to what it is today. Of course, with these came political struggles to ensure a fair and successful system. With these struggles come economic factors as well as how it shapes the social structures of each state.

The Civil War had the greatest impact of all. This was the deadliest time of all with many lives lost. The root of the conflict was slavery. The South depended greatly on slavery. According to Mcgraw “…a planter could expect one of his slaves to produce more than $78 worth of cotton- which meant that about 60 percent of the wealth produced by a slave’s labor was clear profit.” Needless to say, the work was hard and long and slaves were subjected to inhumane conditions and treatment at times. The Civil War put an end to slavery, destroying the aristocratic South. With the thirteenth amendment being passed in 1864 abolishing slavery, these slaves were integrated into society as free men. This essentially set the South into a state of poverty as plantations were brought to ruin due to lack of slaves and hands to do the work. This led to the government having to offer federal aid and assistance to rebuild even to this day. Additionally, a separation of races is highly noticeable...
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