Philosophy Paper on Minority Report

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Minority Report

As in the movie quote “you don’t chose the things you believe in, they choose you” the quote basically says that we don’t choose how to act on situations its faith who chooses what and how we act, also the movie states that faith can be changed with the right actions which are dependent on us for example from the movie ‘When John went to kill Leo as his faith was shown in prediction of the future and still he manage to change his faith by the way he reacted towards the situation’. From the movie we can take the example that faith can be changed and our actions writes the future.

Also for freedom when John goes to meet Dr. Iris Hineman she quotes “ Its funny how all living organisms are alike when the chip are down, when the pressure is on, every creature on the face of the Earth is interested in one thing and one thing only, Its own Survival”. In the long run every man for him self, saying can be used, because every man thinks for himself when the pressure is on.

And freedom I think we don’t get much freedom because from the day we are born, we have our parents telling us what to do and what not to do, like we are not free for our choice that if we want to go to school or not its not our choice it is what our parents wants of course they want their children to be successful in life so that people in the society accept them for what they are.

In the movie freewill is shown that the person have his way to choose on how to react to different situations like for John it was to prove his innocence he was searching for answers but after he got to know about Leo that he killed his son he acted with angry towards him and it was shown to him about his faith that he is going to commit murder but in the end he controls himself and does not let anger take over him because of his actions he will have to suffer the consequences and he wanted to prove that he can change his faith and the prediction of the future.

The conclusion is that freedom...
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