Philosophy Paper for Creative Dance

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Children’s Creative Dance

Inviting Students to Learn

Creative dance allows the student to explore the art of expression. We teach correct principles (technique) and let the students govern themselves (make creative choices on their own). Creative dance is a combination of the mastery of movement and the artistry of expression. Creative dance helps the students in all aspects of their lives. They learn how to solve problems, express feelings, cooperate, accept and value individual differences, and engage in activity that increases self-esteem. It is not just about lessons in dance, but rather lessons in life. It teaches the students to have self-control and self-confidence in the individual that they are.

I really connected with our class handout, ‘Teaching Children, Spiritual Aspects to Consider’. I feel as though Kathleen’s ideals on teaching coincided very deeply with my own. Right now, I am a teacher at the Missionary Training Center. In the MTC, we are encouraged to cultivate a learner-enabling environment. We teach the missionaries true doctrine, but we encourage them to self discover and be taught by the Spirit. In this method of teaching, we pose lots of inspired questions, allowing the students to search, ponder, and pray to receive revelation and insight from the perfect teacher, the Spirit. I loved the following lines in Kathleen’s handout.

“Your role as a teacher is to maximize learning and provide opportunities for all of the children you teach… Each child is important as an individual, yet you as the teacher are responsible for the whole class. Teaching with the spirit is one of the most refined aspects of true discipleship. And learning with the spirit transcends all inequality and imperfection.”

As we teach each of our students to their individual needs, it is important that we come to know how our students best learn. Instead of sticking to a curriculum, and not veering from it, we must teach for...
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