Philosophy on Love by Schopenhauer

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  • Published : October 2, 2005
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The philosophy as described by Schopenhauer is the center of life. Through this knowledge, thinkers feel that love is silent. This is based on the notions brought up that people need to understand the intensity of the love feeling. The fact that happiness has nothing to do with love and that people generally build their lives around love.

The intensity of our feelings when in love is caused by a psychological manifestation of a few emotions. One of them being fear. To philosophers, individuals suffer most through this emotion and are pretty much governed by it. Some people fear that when they fall out of love, they might end up lonely in life and start losing faith because of experiences throughout their lives. This leads to people feeling that have to find a mate. Most people find marriage to be a perfect picture of happiness; where the couple fall in love with each other and create the perfect home together and etc. People feel that they have no choice but to be in love, for the sake of leading a happy life.

However, Schopenhauer feels that happiness has nothing to do with love. Feelings towards each other creates a feeling of happiness inside us, especially during the early parts of an relationship, people would do practically anything to keep their partners happy as so maintain the relationship. As we go around, we see couples "in love" all over the place and we tend to think that it would make our lives better and also improve our quality of life. Tragically, Schopenhauer sees happiness and being in love as a consolation in seeing the forces of life.

Nevertheless, we humans build our lives around love. Schopenhauer philosophize that our lives is defined by love that we create a sense of love for everything, therefore, many types of love exists.For example, we go to clubs and enjoy ourselves in the surface but what we're actually doing is willing to reproduce, people are blinded by the urge that what used...
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