Philosophy of a Child Care Center

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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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Philosophy of a Child Care Center:
Vision and Mission
ECE312: Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs

Philosophy of a Child Care Center: Vision and Mission

Our vision at “name of center” is that:
* Children are valued for their unique curiosity, perspective and ability to learn. * Staff values their role as a facilitator of learning experiences that meet the individual child where they are. * There is acceptance and compassion for diversity.

* Children have the time, space and freedom to explore their interests. * Staff, community and parents collaborate to continue the growth of the children outside the center.

Our mission at “ name of center” is to create a safe learning environment that implements the individual child’s developmental needs and interests with the help and collaboration of parents and community.

Philosophy Statement
Each activity at “name of center” is carefully coordinated to coincide with universal stages in all areas of children’s development: physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and creative. When children master a new level of ability, there are always experiences they can choose in order to gain new mastery. There are many opportunities provided for the children to practice physical skills, learn problem solving, gain knowledge of their environment, and practice interacting more effectively with others. We also believe that parents are a vital part of children’s learning experiences and are partners in the education and care of the children.

This Philosophy, vision and mission are correlated with the Vygotsky belief that cognitive abilities develop from the interaction with more mature members of society. The social environment provides the intellectual support system that guides children in their development. Adults should structure learning experiences so that children gradually move from assisted performance to individual learning. This process is successful only when...
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