Philosophy of Man

Topics: Creator deity, God, Religion Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Unexamined life is particularly the same as meaningless existence wherein, all the answers to our questions will be uncertain. Live without any assurance. Live that does not have any direction. A worth living life must be a life with guarantee and perspective. But we can only attain that worth living life through examining every deepest and substantial detail.

An examined life is not worth living because without the thorough examination of our life, it is almost worthless. But a man who is not examining his life should still continue his existence in this world, and must examine his life for much fulfilling life. By analyzing our actions in our life, we can learn our mistakes that we have done in the past and to make it correct in the future. And if a person does not examine his life earlier, he will commit the same mistakes in the future or he’ll never change. If that happens he will not care or realize his mistakes and not able to correct them. If Blessed Pedro Ibanez Alonzo, O.P. and Blessed Innocencio Garcia Diez, O.P. is still alive their life would be worth living. Their lives were examined through their faith. The people who die to what they have witness and to the people who sacrifice their life for standing what they have believed.

In this world even the best people make mistakes, but they reflect to themselves to see their mistakes and to fix it. If there are two people to compare: one who is examining his life and one who don’t care to examine his life. The one who doesn’t examine his life will commit sin repeatedly while the other will achieve a fulfillment. A small act of examining our actions will make a huge difference to our lives. And by examining our life we can learn from errors that we make.

Most certainly man is not the measure of all things but man may be literary the measure of all things because their subject matter is a man. And let assume that man is the tape measure by which our ethics of behavior is measured.

As humanity...
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