Philosophy of Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 8 (2189 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Philosophy of Leadership

EDU 530 Educational Administration and Leadership

Dr Jessica Guire

Winter 2011

Literature Review

The purpose of this research is to examine the Philosophy of Leadership. I will be discussing different terms that relate to philosophy of leadership, theories and definitions. I will be discussing transactional leadership how it relates to philosophy, situational leadership, and generative leadership.

Leboeuf (1999) he defined philosophy as the rational investigation of the truth and principals of being knowledge or conduct(p. 28). Philosophy assumes that leadership rest in individuals who must be capable of inspiring and influencing others to solve problems and achieve goals (Sandmann, 1995). According to Peter (1966) philosophy should involve a particular mode of thinking directed to the disciplined demarcation of concepts, the patient explication of the grounds of knowledge and of the presuppositions of different forms of discourse (p.15)

The educational institution leader is first and formost a teacher. Their primary duties are to teach those that they lead and through them the students of the institution. Someone must make the decisions and take the responsibility to enforce them. There is no point in being a leader, however if no one is willing to follow and to be effective authority figures we must have the cooperation of those we lead. It is important for the leader to understand internalize and consider the perception of the host countrys leaders an the influence these leaders have in the smooth operation of the institution in conjunction with the local community . It is the responsibility of the leader to understand the complexities of the host community and to communicate to each of its member the attempt to actually participate in resolving issues.

Leadership is personal unless you know who you are, what you are prepared to do and why then you cant hope to achieve anything very grand. Leaders are judge by how they stand up for their adopted principles and values, but most importantly by how they live a life according to these principles and values (Pelonis & Stefanos, 2010). According to Sergiovanni (1992) Our goal should be to develop a leadership practice based on professional moral authority (p.29) . The uniqueness of the individual leader must be considerd and one should take cre to adopt strategies and behaviours that fit with the core personality (Pelonis & Stefanos, 2010).

Generative leaders recognizes that there are multiple ways of knowing and surround themselves with other thought leaders, including those with whom they disagree. They use holistice, systems perspective in their thinking and move beyond perceived limitations of time,space,traditional thought and their own views of the world . Generative leaders are similar to transformative leaders in working with others to effect change, a generative leader however is one whose definition of success includes finding new options and solutions (Disch, 2009).

Transformational leadership occurs when leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, when they generate awareness and acceptance of the purpose and mission of the look beyond their own self-interest for the good group. Transformational leaders achieve these results in one or more ways. They may be charismatic to their followers and thus inspire them; they may meet the emotional needs of each employee and they may intellectually stimulate employees (Bass 1990). Transfomational leadership communicates a vision that inspires and motivates people to achieve something extraordinary. Transformational leaders also have the ability to align people and systems so there is an integrity through-out the organization towords vision (Hughes & Curphy,1994). According to Cacioppe (1997) Transformational leaders have a vision and an ability to inspire followers to incoperate higer values. It pulls them...
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