Philosophy of Gifted Students

Topics: Gifted education, Education, Teacher Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: July 28, 2009
Shona Hemphill

July 22, 2009

EDSP 4510 sec. 476

Structuring Gifted Programs

If I had to pick the most important model from the Structuring Gifted Programs figure in chapter eleven, I would have to choose Individualized Instruction. This model breaks down instructions for assignments in a manner that is unique to an individual’s understanding. If a student does not understand the instructions, the teacher will personally come to the student and explain the instructions to him/her. Or, the teacher could possibly already be aware of the students who are gifted and incorporate special instructions for the gifted students. A regular lesson plan may not be challenging enough for a student who is gifted. I personally have a problem understanding instructions and I know how accommodating this model can be.

Everyone processes information differently and that should not be the reason why students fail or gifted students go unnoticed. Breaking down instructions individually is extremely important because it helps to determine what kind of student you are dealing with. Take myself for example, on our first assignment I did not find all of the instruction, therefore, the assignment that I turned in was not the best that it could have been. However, once I was provided a second chance, and I fully understood the instruction, I was able to give one hundred percent to the assignment, and earned a grade of ninety six percent. Had I not had the opportunity to go back and really understand the instructions, I would have probably received a “C” for that assignment. Properly understanding instructions play a major part in a student’s performance, and Individualized Instruction can be a big help with this issue.

Another important model from the figure in chapter eleven is, Gifted Clusters. I believe that this model focuses on getting groups of gifted students together to learn on a more advanced level. The gifted students that are in a classroom can be...
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