Philosophy of Educational Leadership

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My Philosophy of Educational Leadership
I strongly believe that educational leadership plays a vital role in all human race. The ultimate purpose of education is to educate all students and give everyone equal opportunity to succeed in life. Through knowledge, skills and attitudes, all individuals can achieve their goals in life. The combinations of knowledge and skills as well as the common values will help our students bloom into adults and become responsible and productive citizens of our beloved Belize. Educational leadership is the ability to cater for the needs of the schools and make no discrimination of any student. It also has to create a teacher and student friendly curriculum to develop all aspects of the students’ social, psychological, and emotional needs. Good educational leaders will have the schools reach high standards of education (E. Stavney). Educational leadership is the ability of including every member of a group to collaboratively work towards accomplishing a goal. Good educational leaders will implement programs that will meet the needs of the community and monitor the progress. These leaders also motivate and recognise success of every individual under their care.

As educational leaders if we do not provide an equal opportunity for our students to succeed we are cutting them short of a quality education. Providing students the necessary knowledge and skills are another important factor of education. The more knowledge and skills an individual receives the better chance at achieving a higher position in society. The success of a person depends on the amount of education he or she can get out of the education system.

I can say that not everyone is called to be an effective educational leader and we must love our job so that we can pass that passion for education to our school. Great leaders seek professional development and also are open minded to change. Exposure to theories and other role models can enhance leadership...
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