Philosophy of Creativity

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Philosophy of Creativity
I feel that creativity is the ability for a child to see things in a new and unusual way; their way. Every child is born with a creative mind and it needs to be accepted and taught to flourish. I believe a child should not be told what not to do when it comes to being creative. Allowing them to do it their way when drawing, painting, molding, or creating something the way they see it is the key to creativity. By allowing them to be creatively free they will gain other skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

There are many ways to define creativity, some label it as “thinking outside of the box” and others believe that creativity is flexible thinking. Whereas others see it as a special type of problem solving. J.P. Guilford once wrote “ Creativity has played a critical role in reaching a person’s potential.” However he had concluded that research on creativity had been sadly neglected, and suggested that creativity should be seen as a separate domain, different from the construct of intelligence. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow believed that creativity was obtainable for most people. Rogers described creativity as an attribute that every individual possesses but that may be buried under layers of psychological defense. Maslow’s concept of the psychologically safe environment where he states “ this is where there is freedom to think creativity and take intellectual risks. In such an environment, individuals are accepted unconditionally and allowed to follow their specific interests.

A teachers job is to nurture inquiry and curiosity. Wonder is the key to learning and building knowledge through what they do and experience. Creative teaching starts with the power of the teacher to be creative. A teacher must have these six qualities in order to allow her classroom to be creative. He or she must A) live in the moment B) accept the world around them C) be sensitive to the world around them. D) have happiness,...
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