Philosophy of Classroom Management

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Philosophy of Classroom Management

My philosophy on classroom management begins with learning and being familiar with the various rolls that a teacher plays on an everyday basis. I didn’t know until taking this course that a teacher assumes so many rolls during the day. He or she takes on rolls such as: a parent, a social worker, an advisor, a counselor, and a judge.

During my classroom observations and readings, I have learned that I will run into different types of students. There will be the bully, leader, follower, instigator, and the escape goat who in other words is the victim. In order to find out who and what is what, the students would have to be in groups to pin point who is playing what roll.

There will also be times when I will run into parents of my students. Since reading our text my eyes have really been open on how and what to say to a parent. The first thing I would say as a teacher when I see something that is unusual about a student, I would tell the parent that I concurred with his or her child. Then I would proceed to tell the facts that I gathered to let him or her know that I feel something negative has happened. I feel that as the teacher I should know what is going on in every part of my classroom at all times. To help with my classroom surveillance, I will use witnesses momentum, smoothness, group alerting, accountability, overlapping and satiation. All of these will contribute to my teaching profession.

According to Dreikur and the Canters, there are five types of teachers (Charles, 2008). Dreikur states that I could be an autocratic, democratic, or a permissive teacher. The autocratic teacher makes his or her own decisions whereas the democratic teacher is an opinionated educator. Finally, there is the permissive teacher who is the unpredictable teacher. The Canters defined three types of teachers. The hostitle teacher views the students as adversaries. The...
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