Philosophy of Art

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  • Published : March 21, 2006
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Philosophy of Art:

Art. It is not just one particular thing to one particular person. It comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Forms such as, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, fine arts, music, photography, and the list could go on. Art is a way to express ones feelings without the artist actually stating how they feel. Everyone does not need to have a specific "talent" in art, because it is a form that flows through everyone and not one way is right or wrong, just simply opinions. I don't feel someone can put a rubric on art because art is simply what the artist wants. Unlike Hollywood, high school, and certain things in life, someone's art is not necessarily trying to impress someone else, but rather express what the artist feels. Possibly the artist is trying to say something through their artwork, or maybe they are just finding ways to express their imagination. Art is a huge part of my life. My clothes, my sketches, my photographs; my own creations that form together and show to others a part of just who I am. I enjoy every form of art and often find myself doodling if I am bored. My grandfather was an artist and he passed the love for art down through several generations. As a student of photography I found out how hard it actually is to develop a successful picture. Along with one picture, follows several steps to developing it, many reprints, and some frustration. I really enjoyed this class and I've learned that what began as my curiosity of photography, led to the broadening of my mind to other forms of art. If I had to predict my future I would assume that my life consists of a lot of art. Such a small word brings much more meaning than some people realize.
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