Philosophy for Childcare

Topics: Education, Childhood, Teacher Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 9, 2011
In your opinion, why do you want to become an early childhood education teacher? In my opinion I want to become an early childhood teacher because I love teaching the children new things. In your opinion, what type of teaching position do you hope to obtain, and why? In my opinion, I would like to become a two and a half year old teacher because I could teach them a lot of new things. What are the factors that influence your decision to pursue this career? I have always loved working with children sense I was in high school. Based upon your research, what are your strongest characteristics or talents as a potential early childhood educator? I view the role as a teacher to be very important in a child’s development. Helping the child learn the basic needs to grow up and love learning. How do you view young children? I view children as little kids eager to learn new things. What is the child's role in his/her education? Wanting to learn new things. Trying their hardest to achieve a goal. Eager to learn how things work. What do you believe about how young children learn? - Include the theory or experience that led you to this belief. In my experience, Children learn by seeing you do something first. They really want to know how your doing something and they love to ask questions. How do you view the role of the teacher? I view my role as a teacher to be very important. I want children to learn from the good things I do. How will your views influence your teaching? - Include the theory or experience that led you to this belief. In my experience I influence children by the way I teach. What kind of environment do you hope to create in your future classroom? I want to create a fun, and loving environment for children to learn and play safely. I want them to have all the toys,...
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