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Philosophy 2074G- Essay #2 (Employees’ Rights)
In Werhane and Radin’s article “Employment at Will and Due Process”, they had shown the reasons why they believe the relationship of the employer and employee should not be bound by any contract or regulations. This means that they are argued in defense of Due Process and against EAW. They stated that the principle of Employment at Will (EAW) is a common-law doctrine that stated that employers will have the rights to whatever they want to their employees and able to fire, hire and promote anyone anytime with no valid reasons, laws and contracts necessary. This is not means that the employers did not give the employees any reasons to their actions, it is that the reasons that they give have no moral or legal obligations to defend them. In the same way, an employee can quit a job without a reason, or for a good or a bad reason. Employment at will for the most part favors the employer. There is little employees can do to protect themselves from the whims of the employment at will doctrine. Whereas, due process is refer to a process that affected employees have the rights to go seek reason for the actions of the employers. This process works in favor of the employees by offering them the opportunity to counter and argue against decisions that made by the employers. It promotes rationality and fairness towards employees.

Furthermore, in their article, they given few justifications why public will view EAW as the best way business world should operate. * Employment-at-will Justifications:
* Proprietary rights of employers
* Defends employee and employer rights equally
* An employee voluntarily commits to certain responsibilities and loyalty * Due process rights interferes with efficiency and productivity * Legislation and regulation of employment relationships undermine the economy.
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