Philosophy - Design Argument (with Plan)

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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(b) The world appears designed, so God exists. Discuss.
(30 marks)

* Purpose and design appears to exist in nature
* Mathematical formulas in nature
* Gases in atmosphere
* Evolution
* If we were made in the image of god, then why are we such a new species and how come we didn’t exist from the beginning of time * Furthermore, why are we the only known humans on this planet and why if god was the creator has he made it so we are not suited for other planets?

Let us assume that it is true to say that there is a clear existence of purpose and design in nature, the question is whether or not the existence of purpose and design implies the existence of God. The design that is apparent in the world can certainly be shown not to be the work of God, or at least God as an omnipotent (he can do anything), omniscient (he knows everything), omnipresent (He is everywhere) being. It seems that everything around us is some small cog in a large piece of clockwork that has been intricately designed for all aspects of the planet to coincide and work with each other. The main strengths of the teleological argument are that the conditions of the world are so perfect for us to live in that it must have been designed. Evidence is everywhere. One can use the William Paley's watchmaker theory in support. Which states that: if you're walking along the beach and find a watch you don't assume it’s there by accident. You know someone must have made it due to how intricate the interior and it showing evidence of design; this is the same with the world. One of the most obvious forms of design is the Fibonacci sequence which appears in nature repeatedly; the mathematical pattern can be seen in snail shells and petals of a plant. It seems like this formula was the template for the production of nature, it surely cannot be coincidence that it appears in so many different aspects? Yet maybe it is man that...
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