Philosophy - Case Analysis

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Case Analysis
1. Receiving a Holiday Gift
1. For the first case, it is clearly stated that a supplier sends a basket of expensive food stuffs to our home during Christmas. By applying principle of love we would be kind enough to appreciate the basket of expensive foodstuffs given to us. We would thank the supplier for that beautiful card and gift given to us for Christmas. After appreciating the token we would ask him the reason and motive behind such an expensive foodstuff delivery. And based on the suppliers answers we would take the next step.

2. Sales Expense
The second case is stating that a purchasing manager would give us their first order, expecting that we will agree to make a donation of P2, 000 to his favorite charity, a local youth sports team. By applying principle of double effect we would not accept this kind of order. The situation here is that if we follow one condition the other is ours automatically. The thing with this case is that the manager is expecting something in return to the first order he would give to us. A donation is given by a person freely and willingly. From all the reasons stated above, we do not agree to have an order by the purchasing manager who is expecting us to make a donation of P2, 000 donations to his favorite charity.

3. Sales Expense Reimbursement
This case states that an agent of the Southeast Asia wants us to reimburse the customer executive from the Southeast Asia for all his expenses, including some which violates are company’s policies. The agent assures us to reimburse the expenses later. By applying the principle of truth and loyalty we would never accept to go against our company rules. We would choose to go on the right path than to follow the wrong one. Being disloyal to our own company would be a big disgrace to our inner conscience because this very company gives us money to live our lives peacefully and if we betray our company they can do the same to us one day. It is...
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