Philosophy 221 Assignment

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Philosophy 221 Assignment

By | April 2013
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David Sholder
Assignment Week 1
Instructor Heather Hensell

Assignment Week 1
1. My most important values related to business
* Dedication- no matter how bad things get, never quit and always try to move forward * Honesty- when I do things honestly, I don’t have to worry if I am doing the right thing * Integrity- the reason that people will trust in the decisions I make * Compassion- having a high emotional intelligence so I see people as people and not robots * Appreciation- happy to say “thank you” for a job well done 2. My most important strengths related to business

* Courage- accomplishing goals even when there is opposition * Open-minded- willing to take advice from others even if I don’t completely agree * Creativity- being able to use anything and everything to come up with answers * Leadership- able to take the reins in any situation and lead * Fairness- never take personal credit for the success of the team 3. My most important weaknesses related to business

* Computer skills- only have a basic understanding of computers and systems * Public speaking- trouble speaking in front of large crowds 4. Goals
A. Short-term
* Take extra speech classes in college to help with public speaking * Get computer skills needed for success in business
* Learn a second language
* Build a business plan
* Complete my degree in business
B. Long-term
* Manage a large established business
* Start and run a successful business of my own
* Retire rich
5. Action plan to achieve short-term goals
All of the short-term goals I have listed can be mainly achieved through more schooling. I have decided to take several more computer classes than needed to complete my degree in hopes to sharpen my skill set. I have also ordered Rosetta Stone in order to help me learn Spanish. Building a strong business plan is a big part of the grade in many of my business...

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