Topics: Human, Meaning of life, Genetics Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Jennifer Meshulam
Final/Phil 301
Dr Kassner

Ego vs. Ego

Buchanan’s philosophy is that to enhance means to make better. Sandel agrees but, when talking about the human race, to play with the genetic makeup could very well exterminate the human race all together. If nothing else it would make the experience of life boring.

Both Philosophers have done their research on Genetic Enhancement. Buchanan talks of enhancing every aspect of human life from, mentally through physically to complete genetically created humans, where Sandel says this would be detrimental to the way of life as we know it. Buchanan’s genetic enhancement program would include, prevention of birth defects in unborn children, using genetics to mass produce smarter children, stronger adults, which we could progress to levels of intelligence and strength that would never be reached naturally. Buchanan believes that we should coin this opportunity or monopolize it so we can be the strongest of all humans on earth. Creating a monopoly on it would keep us safe from it falling into the wrong hands.

Sandel disagrees where taking control of it would make us like God, that we should not play God when it come to human nature. He states and makes an excellent point that if we were to do this, there would be no winners or losers, that all would be genetically enhanced the same amount, physically, mentally, and intellectually. In the world of athletics it would no longer be about who is quicker, knows the plays better, or who can throw the best pass, because there would be no such thing as a better player or performer. There would be no such thing as falling short or the lack of ability to show domination over one another. Now, Sandel goes on to talk about intelligence as well. He describes the ability to boost or create ones level of intelligence as cheating life and the progress of living life. Meaning; that if everyone is equal of the intellectual level, there would no longer be an...
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