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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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10. The current technology, x-ray fluoroscopy, is embedded in several products of Philips Healthcare. For example the MultiDiagnost Eleva or the Juno DRF (, 2012). In these products the current technology plays a very important part. In fact, it is the centre part of where the rest of the product is built around. The production process of these products is arranged so that the current technology is put to use as effectively as possible. This also indicates that the product has to be relatively easy to use and it have to work perfect all the time. A consequence of this is that the development of the technology so that it can be used in products is the most important part in the production process.

11. The other primary activities in the internal value chain of Philips Healthcare are their inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing & sales and services. The inbound logistics of Philips healthcare are pretty simple, they have to acquire materials as steel to produce the products. In operations the manufacturing isn’t very flexible, because efficiency is very important in the healthcare industry.(, 2012) The selling of the product is more difficult, because individual clients won’t need a x-ray based healthcare product. This means that Philips Healthcare has to sell their products to professional clients such as hospitals. To reach this clients Philips Healthcare uses social media and professional healthcare websites as To get the products to the professional clients there have to be individual shipping per order of a product. The services Philips Healthcare offers after selling the product are support in the case the product doesn’t work as it should be. Philips healthcare also offers training sessions on how to use the products and how to maintain the...